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Dr. Olivier Deigni – ACPS Fellow

Dr. Olivier Deigni ACPS Fellow 2017 - 2018

Dr. Olivier Deigni
ACPS Fellow 2017 – 2018

Price List – ACPS Fellowship Program

As the ACPS Fellow for 2017 – 2018, Dr. Olivier Deigni is a fully trained plastic surgeon who graduated from the plastic surgery residency at Saint Louis University in Saint Louis, Missouri after successfully completing the six-year residency program. Under the supervision of ACPS surgeons, Dr. Deigni performs consultations, a broad range of plastic surgery procedures, and cosmetic injectable treatments at a significantly reduced rate for interested patients. View fellowship plastic surgery procedure price list here.

Rather than entering immediately into private practice, Dr. Deigni elected to pursue a one-year course of additional training through the ACPS Fellowship Program — an opportunity he felt would be invaluable for the rest of his career. Selected from numerous plastic surgery residents who applied for the ACPS Fellowship, Dr. Deigni has demonstrated a strong commitment to the same attributes that have made ACPS one of the nation’s top aesthetic plastic surgery groups: excellence, innovation, research, and an impressive leadership record. As part of the one-year fellowship, Dr. Deigni is further refining his expertise through one-on-one mentoring and training with ACPS’s six surgeons. In addition, he participates in ACPS’s clinical research studies to improve patient results, care, and safety.

“When I interviewed for the ACPS Fellowship, I knew this was the group I had to work with. They were genuine and relaxed, and I felt they cared for each other like a family. Working with them, I will gain further expertise in providing surgical excellence to my patients. In addition, I also will learn how to successfully run a business—a private practice— as they’ve done for 20 plus years. I view this as a privilege, to experience this in a nurturing, family-like environment that brings out the best in me.”

– Dr. Olivier Deigni

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